Is Apple popular because of App Store or iPhone 3G?

We want to know something and that something is “Is Apple popular because of App Store or iPhone 3G? This is one question well worth thinking about, would you not agree.

Look at what Venture Beat is saying, they say that the App Store could in fact spread like wildfire through Apple’s product line, and that the newly launched App Store which we have to admit is very good indeed and the best thing Apple has done in a very long time may indeed transform the company again. Could you imagine Apple without iTunes, well could you in fact imagine Apple without the Apps Store?

The iPhone 3G has been the main news of late with people queuing for it, downloading the firmware update and so forth. Venture Beat say:

The Power of the App Store
Despite Apple’s desires, web app development for the original iPhone was lackluster. Some native apps on jailbroken iPhones worked very well, but others were complete crap – and of course you had to jailbreak your iPhone to use them. As I wrote after it launched, compared to these two previous options, the new App Store is simply sublime.

It’s so good that I really believe it could become a fundamental part of Apple.
With each passing day I’m finding myself becoming addicted to it in the same way I was once addicted to the iTunes music store (and would be again if Apple would go all DRM-free).

Part of it is about the impulse buys. I’ll be sitting on the couch, bored, and will buy a new game to play. Some are too expensive, but most are still cheaper than an album on iTunes – it’s an easy purchase to make.

But the main part is that quite a few of the apps and some of the games in particular, are just really good. This is also problematic because many are considerably more of a time suck than a simple iTunes music purchase.

I can’t imagine using an iPhone now without native apps. Soon, the same may be true for the iPod, Apple TV and even Mac computers themselves.

So please answer to this question, “Is Apple popular because of App Store or iPhone 3G?


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