Apple iPhone cut/paste found in 2.1 OS & SDK frameworks

Good news for those waiting for the Cut & Paste feature for your Apple iPhone, Apple has so far failed to deliver the cut & paste feature to the iPhone 2.0 operating system, but all is not lost because it seems that Apple has been keeping a lid on things.

It seems they were indeed busy on building their cut/paste framework for the all new iPhone 2.1 OS and iPhone 2.1 SDK.

Apple has only just released the all new iPhone OS revision, iPhone 2.1 OS, to iPhone developers. The new iPhone firmware had by its side the iPhone 2.1 SDK as well.

I am not going to get all technical about the ins and outs of the frameworks; you can read more about that via TUAW. Got to admit we cannot wait to see cut & paste feature on the iPhone.

How much would cut and paste help you?

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