Apple iPhone gains NES Enmulator with accelerometer

I assure all you mobile gamers out there in iPhone gamer land are all aware you can play NES games on a jailbroken iPhone handset. Well apparently the famous NES.app has been updated with an accelerometer.

According to a Gizmodo report, the addition of the accelerometer will allow the gamer to go beyond that of the virtual on-screen buttons.

Ok, so all well and good, but will it actually help you score more points in Mario? However there are some obvious benefits from operating an accelerometer in racing games.

The accelerometer allows tilt facility, thus when you tilt your iPhone handset it controls the game in that direction, which should be great for driving games.

Gizmodo has a demo video for you to view below, and as you can see it’s fairly natural to use the accelerometer while playing Mario.

Still, once you iPhone gamers get the hang of it I’m confident you’ll find it easer.

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