AT&T Mobile TV gets LG Invision CB630 a tad late in August

Probably one of two things has happened here, firstly either the Samsung Access has been a great seller for AT&T resulting in AT&T requesting an almost clone type from rival LG, or LG has seen the Samsung Access and figured it they would provide a clone type all by themselves, according to engadget mobile.

Whatever, we are hearing whispers that the CB630 Invision is going to the AT&T Mobile TV a tad late as the word going round is the Samsung Access is already scheduled for that official sunset on 24th of August.

Word is also reaching the same sunset is the Sony Ericsson Z750, the Mobile TV less version of the LG Vu the CU915, and the Samsung SLM.

According to engadget mobile, it’ll launch on 13th August with a price tag of around $99.99, that’s on contract and with a $50.00 rebate attached.


6 thoughts on “AT&T Mobile TV gets LG Invision CB630 a tad late in August”

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  4. Hello admin,That’s a nice concept, but LG tends to ruin nice concepts with their boring UIs and lame featuresets. These phones should have reliable, in-house developed email clients, not the piece-of-crap AT&T Java app. It’s not much of a phone for the price, unless you’re a slave to tv and a wealthy one at that.

    How to Unlock AT&T LG Invision CB630 Video


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