Dolby Mobile tech incorporated into LG mobile phones

The word is LG has teamed with Dolby Laboratories to announce that LG will be the first mobile phone manufacturer to incorporate Dolby mobile technology into their mobile phones.

IntoMobile reports, Dolby mobile, which was announced at these years Mobile World Congress is an optimised for mobile audio processing tech platform.

Some of Dolby Mobile’s features which LG hopes to include in their mobile handsets are: Sound Space Expander – creates a wide, rich and spacious soundstage experience especially suited to music playback, Natural Bass – adds powerful boost and bass extension, Mobile Surround, which delivers a realistic surround sound experience using headphones.

Furthermore Dolby Mobile offers up: High Frequency Enhancer – enhances music and other content by restoring high-frequency effects, Sound Level Control – helps level out audio for a more consistent playback volume, Mono-to-Stereo Converter, which improves the playback experience of user-generated content, and Graphic EQ – helps tune the audio experience for different content types.

LG is looking to launch LG handsets including Dolby Mobile beginning Q4 08.

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