Nokia waves bye to RIM Blackberry Connect

It appears Nokia are fed up with Research In Motion’s encroachment on their business mobile phone segment and according to symbian-guru, Nokia has announced they are to no longer support BlackBerry Connect support on their business E series mobile phones.

Research In Motion are apparently do well enough that Nokia feels a parting of the ways is needed and they will offer their customers more potions in email connectivity.

“RIM are a competitor and have done a reasonable job in a space that is traditionally ours, so it’s no great surprise that we see this as an opportunity to give consumers a proper choice on what email solution they want.”

The recently launched Nokia E71 is the newest mobile handset to go without the BlackBerry Connect feature, which leaves the E71 with only Nokia’s unrefined email client foe emailing.

Nokia Email is presently in beta, but Espoo is betting they polish the upcoming email solution to run head-to-head with Research In Motion’s email solution

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