Phone lending banned must have ownership certificate in Sri Lanka

According to an article on cellular-news.com, Sri Lanka’s government are planning new legislation that would require mobile phone users to carry a certificate to verify ownership when carrying their mobile phone.

The new law is supposed to cut down on terrorist activity and also forbids the lending of mobile phones to anyone.

These proposals have come from the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, who are also requiring proof of identity to be shown when wanting to buy a new mobile phone.

The authority has said: “We have taken this step “to avert irregularities and illegal activities while minimizing threats to national security created by the irresponsible use of telephones.”

These new regulations will also take in the fixed wireless CDMA phones and is to be limited to being used only at the registered address.

The authority also requires mobile retailers to hold a trading license along with a secure legitimate supplier of all mobile and fixed line handset for sale as the governments 6% import tax on all imported phones makes smuggling most popular.

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