Skype for Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional now available

If you are a Windows Mobile phone user and are fond of using Skype for free calls but have been experiencing a few problems with their VoIP client, you may just be pleased to hear this snippet of news.

Skype has now finally updated to run on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional mobile devices. GSMarena installed Skype for Windows Mobile on a Samsung Omnia and an HTC Touch Diamond, and sated that chatting over Skype “is not bad at all.”

According to GSMarena, Skype is a little “mucky” when using HSDPA but is much better when calling over WiFi connections.

Another downside is that when using Skype the touch-screens remain active and the red and green receiver keys don’t appear to work for Skype call management.

The new Skype for Windows Mobile overall didn’t hurt functionality but fails to make full use of the Samsung Omnia’s screen real estate in all windows.

If you get it and use it and find any problems just drop us a line.


16 thoughts on “Skype for Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional now available”

  1. deni says:

    I have been using the version of skype for a couple days now on my Omnia. I have not had any problems calling out, but the PDA freezes when I answer and incoming call. If you have a fix for this, let me know. I emailed Skype and they said they still don’t support WM 6.1. On Aug. 2, I got an email saying, “Skype for WM is officially not supported either for WM v 6 or 6.1. “.

  2. Dominic says:

    I have tried Skype for Smartphones on my HTC S640 and it seems to work well…BUT! The sound is not transfered on either way!
    That’s pretty much what Skype is made for isn’t it?

  3. chris says:

    I have been using skype on my omnia i900 to talk to my fiancee in the states, i live in enlgand and I always seem to have a 5 second delay.
    Any ideas on how to improve my call quality?

  4. Ian says:

    Hi. Tried installing Skype for win mobile on my Samsung omnia. After the initial ‘unsigned installation software’ splash, the message ‘Skype for pocket pc is not a pocket pc application’. Any ideas anyone? Ta.

  5. Pendrax says:

    Just installed it on a Samsung Omnia (US) with WM6.1. It installed fine, rebooted, locked the phone up on the license screen, rebooted, and then finally let me log in.

    No sound yet either way, but I suspect it only works with a headset/microphone and not with teh phone’s internal mic and speaker.

  6. captain tyson says:

    i have been searching skype for windows mobile 6.1 operating system which my mobile HTC touch 3G (t3232) runs.

    plz send download link in my mail.

  7. adnan says:

    i have window mobile 6.1(HP Ipaq voice messenger) but skype hangup my set when i make a call or receive and also the receiver person didnt det my voice. Please tell me about tis prob..

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