App Store game Tap Tap Revenge played by Mr. Pigeon: Video

Apple App Sore games, so easy to play on the iPhone that even a pigeon can do it? Well according to a post on engadget mobile they are, and have a video to prove it.

Although it isn’t actually possible to say for sure, but it is highly doubtful, if the pigeon actually understood what it was doing or merely duplicating its owners tapping of the iPhone’s touch-screen.

However, apparently the pigeon’s owner does state that Mr Pigeon is quite crap at racking up high scores on iPhone game Tap Tap Revenge, no kidding!

I guess the important thing to actually note about this silliness is that the Apple iPhone does actually register the pigeon’s pecking as actual presses on its touch-screen.

So, what’s next Mr Pigeon? Maybe a follow up video of Mr Pigeon tapping out a number and making a call? I think this is a case of “monkey see, monkey do,” the video can be found below.

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