Can Customs confiscate your mobile phone? Yes they can.

This is for our American cousins mainly, but is still a matter of interest to us over the pond. Apparently over in the States, the US Department of Homeland Security, which is probably the same as our customs, can seize a laptop and its information and kept for a unspecified time, and no suspicion is necessary.

So the question is now, Can they confiscate a Windows Mobile handset? Come to that, can they confiscate any mobile phone?

Well simply put, yes they can. They can take your mobile phone, inspect it, check any and all information stored on it, they can even copy that information if they wish!

So is there anything you can do about this, well the obvious answer is don’t take your mobile with you anywhere, but that’s not helpful, however there are a few things you can do.

To find out what you can do and read the full article go here.

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