SIM unlock for Apple iPhone 3G coming August?

AT&T have exclusive rights to sell the Apple iPhone 3G in the US, but maybe you don’t like AT&T as a carrier, and so have held off purchasing an iPhone 3G. The same could be said for any carrier who holds exclusivity over the Apple iPhone 3G no matter what country you are in.

So what is needed is an unlocking solution for the Apple iPhone 3G right?

So, listen up, an announcement from USB Fever states they will be shipping the first viable hardware based SIM unlock solution for the Apple iPhone 3G on August 20th.

That’s right USB Fever is to ship a “revolutionary do-it-yourself Plug & Play card for unlocking iPhone 3G without the risk of damaging the iPhone 3G or voiding its warranty. This SIM unlock is inserted into the iPhone 3G in parallel with your operator’s SIM card and enables you to use your card on phones locked to another provider.”

The USB Fever unlock for the iPhone 3G will set iPhoners back $35.00, whether it works we’ll have to wait and see.

Source – iphoneatlas


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