Do you think an Apple iPhone Nano is really needed?

Yesterday I posted on the possibility of an Apple “iPhone nano” before Christmas; it does seem a valid rumour as it came from one of the major UK newspapers, but even if this rumour is true, is there really a call for an “iPhone nano”?

Basically an “iPhone nano” would be a smaller compact version of an iPhone, but if you take the Apple iPhone as it stands isn’t it what it is because of its large screen, large storage capacity, its 3G, and numerous other features it incorporates these make it the success that it has become.

I am none too sure if the same could be said for an “iPhone nano”; why would there be a call to strip down the iPhone to put forward a smaller less feature packed device?

I think the idea may be to appeal to those who want a pay-as-you-go device and at a cheap price of £150.00, but doesn’t that defeat the point of the Apple iPhone evolving to 3G?

I’m curious to see what our readers think on the possibility of an “iPhone nano”, so would you like to find one sitting in your Christmas stocking?


5 thoughts on “Do you think an Apple iPhone Nano is really needed?”

  1. paul says:

    I think iphone nano is a great idea and ur missing the point.the small size means it will be perfect for the gym music and phone all that is required. perfect for running,
    not every one wants video or bigger screen internet, we got that everywhere all ready. people trust itunes for music so small size music phone smaller price ( job done)

  2. Imran says:

    I don’t think it’s needed…one of the inherent problems with the mobile phone industry lies with Nokia/Sonys cornering of the market and the massive number of handsets available. Any software that is developed for these (apps, games etc) need to be versioned off several hundred times (a version for each handset screen resolution and button configuration) at a huge cost to the developer. I’ve been on that end of mobile platform production.

    The beauty with the iPhone is that software is compatible with each of the handsets and the iPod Touch – all useable in the same manner. The OS is very stable for a smartphone, attractive and incredibly user-friendly. I can’t believe many mobile site/magazines rate the N95 better – the N95 and Nokia handsets in general are stuck in the 90’s and not in a good way. I think what Apple are doing is brave and innovative and the risk they’ve taken is already paying dividends and bringing about a resurgence in bedroom coders.

    It’s about time someone put the scares on Nokia and Sony – with all the billions of dollars they make every year and the huge amount spent on research they have no excuse to turn out the poor handsets and user interfaces they insist on using. Go Apple Go!!!

  3. Bob1967 says:

    I think it is not needed but certainly a good idea.
    GPS – Who cares I have a TomTom.
    Camera – It’s not that great and I have a cybershot.
    Web Browsing – Yeah it’s ok but only really to prove a point in the pub or if I’m really bored in a dentist waiting room.

    Ipod that can make calls not tied to O2 is all that is needed to take a big lump out of the PAYG market.

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