Sprint and Verizon HTC Touch Diamond and Pro details

The word going round is that the HTC Touch Diamond will be known as the HTC Victor when it hits Sprint in CDMA form and will sport a 528 MHz CPU along with 256MB ROM and 256MB RAM and 4GB internal memory.

The HTC Touch Diamond for Verizon will keep the original name, but will be pared down to a 400 MHz processor, 128MB RAM, and the rumour is the HTC Touch Diamond on Verizon won’t have the 4GB internal memory but will incorporate a microSD card slot instead.

Then we have the HTC Touch Pro, or Raphael, this one will be known as the HTC Herman on Sprint’s CDMA, and actually mirrors Verizon’s version of the HTC Touch Diamond thus loses the 4GB internal memory.

With Verizon, they will stick with the original naming the HTC Raphael with 512MB ROM and steel frame rather than aluminium.

Source — phonearena


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