T-Mobile 3G network goes live in Vegas and Austin

T-Mobile‘s 3G network services is going to be launched across 25 major markets within the US on 1st October, we have heard this before. But it appears that two of those 25 cities will be seeing T-Mobile’s 3G network before the nationwide rollout.

Las Vegas gained T-Mobile’s 3G network yesterday while Austin Texas gains the 3G network today the 6th August.

There are rumours going round that other cities will gain T-Mobile’s 3G network services before the allotted date such as Minneapolis.

So it could mean that T-Mobile is actually sneaking out their 3G network services a few cities at a time before October 1st as scheduled.

So if anyone in a currently un-named city gains T-Mobile’s 3G network before October 1st, other than those previously mentioned, it would be good if you could let us know so we can pass it on.

Source — cellphonesignal

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