The knock-off Meizu M8 gets closer to completion

If you are going to knock-off a mobile phone do it properly, and the one thing you can say about J Wong and his copying cohorts at the Meizu knock-off shop, is that they do get right down to the details.

These rip-off details have of course led to the delays and tweaks of Meizu’s M8 mobile phone, and taking a look at their latest image, which has been let loose on the mobile world apparently by none other than J Wong himself, now looks as if it’s near the final stages on the web browser.

Just when J Wong will push this thing out to the mobile world is anyone’s guess; personally I think it’s just another copyright infringement, and companies like Meizu should have their phone producing life made as difficult as possible, and people should boycott anything they produce.

Source — engadgetmobile

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