iPhone Kill Switch: Should we let Apple control our Apps?

This is hot news and we can understand why, some iPhone user has discovered either something good or something a little too far in the way we get controlled. Apparently there is a kill switch that allows Apple to wipe out unauthorized or malicious iPhone apps, and it does not matter if it has been paid for and installed on your iPhone, they can still wipe it of your device.

If this is all true then that means Apple can delve into our iPhone which should be for our eyes not theirs, many will say that this is breach of our secrecy and that we may all argue that the blacklisting feature is not in the best interest of iPhone users, some may say it is a good thing because it will stop damaging malware and of course deadly viruses hidden in some applications.

We know that not everyone can sell all applications through the AppStore. In fact there is a thorough approval process in place, which is designed to create a high-quality and especially safe place to shop for iPhone software. Registered iPhone developers have to submit their applications to Apple for an approval before the company makes it available to iPhone users through the App Store digital delivery mechanism.

What we do not know is that Apple has created additional hidden tools which will blacklist any bad misbehaving apps from the iPhone; this can be done after purchasing and installing the application on the handset.

So basically in a nutshell Apple can and will remotely kill and wipe out any application on your iPhone that breaks company rules, the question we would love answered if this is all true that is “Will Apple repay us back our money we have spent on applications if they remotely kill it? We should not pay for something only to have it taken away and not being refunded for our troubles.

Phones Review Says: The remote kill switch is a very good idea, basically takes the application of our iPhone devices if it is suspected to be of a threat, yes we should be refunded. My main concern is how much does Apple know about our devices, in that I mean if they can delete an application do they know what we have on our iPhones, surely that is a breach of privacy.

Apple you need to do some explaining so we can understand where we all stand on this matter.

Do you think the Kill Switch is a good idea?

Update: We found via product-reviews.net that they got the information from the true source; they have talked about the iPhone Forensics manual which seems very interesting indeed.



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  1. Mac says:

    Do you have a reliable third party firewall on your computer? Do you have your own anti-virus software? Do you only purchase your computer software and apps from the computer manufacturer? And do you really like and trust Vista? If you answered yes to these questions then do not worry about Apple controlling your iPhone. If you answered no to these questions, then why the heck did you buy the phone in the first place? Enjoy.

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