iPhone has kill switch installed says Apple

If you are lucky enough to own an iPhone or iPod touch then you will probably know that there are thousands of applications you can download from the Apple Application store, but if you are worried about the possibility of downloading malicious or inappropriate applications then let me ease your mind slightly.

The chief executive of Apple, Steve Jobs told the Telegraph’s reporter Claudine Beaumont, that there is a ‘kill switch’ built into the iPhones operating system that would delete these malicious files remotely.

If you go to the Apple Application Store you can purchases additional software for your iPhone or iPod touch and you can also install some additional software for free.

Mr Jobs said that the ‘kill switch’ was just there as a precaution, and hopes they will never need to pull the lever. But he did add that if they didn’t have the lever then it would be irresponsible of them.

It was also reported by Beaumont that the Application Store has proved extremely popular since its launch. Around 60 million applications have been downloaded for the iPod touch and iPhone.

Source: MacDailyNews via Telegraph

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