QWERTY-less Atila touch-screen revealed by Motorola

If you’ve only been expecting the Alexander from Motorola you’d be wrong because apparently Motorola are also cooking up the Motorola “Atila” according to BGR.

The new Motorola “Atila” mobile phone should be a touch-screen mobile device rather than a physical keyboard and run on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional.

Spec wise you can expect the Motorola “Atila” to pack full quad-band EDGE tri-band 3G, GPS, WiFi, Qualcomm 721a chipset, 1130 mAh battery, and measure 80 x 109 x 18.75 millimetres, which makes it at least comparable with the HTC Touch.

It is a shame the Motorola “Atila” lacks a tad with only a 240×320 screen resolution, but that is offset somewhat by what looks to be a genuine trackball, so maybe it’s not such a bad mobile handset.

The Motorola “Atila” mobile phone isn’t really going to revolutionise anything in the mobile arena, but it should be at the very least a cute little mobile handset, and is expected to be released from Motorola quite soon.

Source — BGR via WMExperts

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