Japan goes crazy for the iPhone 3G

Is the iPhone big in Japan? According to Softbank, yes, since the launch of the 3G iPhone SoftBank Apples exclusive iPhone 3G carrier in Japan, there were 391,500 new activations in Japan for July, 215,400 of these new activation were due to the iPhone 3G.

Japan is known for its super-competitive wireless market, as phone geeks and experts alike all thought that the iPhone would struggle in Japan, it seems the Japanese people are happy with the multi-touch touchscreen handset, which differs from the super feature packed phones they are used to.

With the iPhone’s 2 megapixel camera, no voice recording and no turn by turn navigation, the iPhone 3G could be seen as a slow coach in advanced features compared with the all singing and dancing phones they have in Japan.

But as Japanese feature phones aim is to pack in as many features as possible without a care for an integrated feel, maybe the fact that the iPhone 3G makes the most of the limited features it has, it could change the way the Japanese want their phones in the future, only time will tell if the rush of new iPhone G3 activations will continue.

Source intomobile via techon

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