Visual Voice Mail service goes official with Verizon Wireless

Yesterday Verizon Wireless introduced their new application Visual Voice Mail service, but only available on the LG Voyager at the moment.

As previously stated all over the net, Verizon’s Visual Voice Mail service will cost the user an extra $2.99 per month on top of their usual mobile phone bill.

With the new Verizon Visual Voice Mail service the user can store up to forty messages for forty days along with an option to create up to ten greetings and twenty distribution lists.

Executive director for marketing, Verizon Wireless, Mike Willsey says: “Verizon Wireless recognizes that voice mail plays a large role in how customers conduct business and manage the balance between their personal and professional lives. With Visual Voice Mail, we’re able to offer customers more options to help them better prioritize voice mail messages from family, friends, colleagues, and business partners in a more timely and effective manner.”

Unfortunately Verizon have neglected to state what other mobile phones are in-line for this service, but only say additional devices will be added in the “coming months.”

Source – PRNewswire via Engadget

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