Redefine mobile web browsing with The Iris Browser

Why shouldn’t you get the desktop browsing experience in a mobile environment? Well actually you can with The Iris Browser from Torch Mobile.

The Iris Browser leverages the WebKit rendering engine, providing a powerful, standards-based and Web experience that is dependable across mobile Web devices.

The Iris Browser small, fast and adaptable, and with its technology a user can access the full web while receiving the same functionality as you would on a PC.

The Iris Browser’s browser layer and user interface are modular and can be easily modified to meet precise requirements, and is portable to many devices and platforms.

The Torch Mobile team of highly skilled developers are aggressively involved in Open Source development and includes core contributors, committers and reviewers of the WebKit project.

The Iris Browser is currently available for Windows Mobile 6.0. Qt embedded 2.3, Qtopia core 4.3 and Qtopia 4.3.

Source — Torch Mobile


One thought on “Redefine mobile web browsing with The Iris Browser”

  1. PoisedSimplified says:

    This browser is painfully slow. It loses memory or takes up too much, as there is often an “out of memory” or “exceeds memory” message when attempting to access certain websites. This may just not be this browser’s time to be in the news. It’s not really worthy of print. If Opera Mobile can render the Facebook, this software should also be able to. Nevertheless, there is one thing that will forever cripple this browser: It is not a self-sufficient browser. It piggybacks Internet Explorer Mobile for a lot of the heavy lifting. WebKit is for the rendering, but that only does its part based on how well it’s programmed. People expecting an iPhone-like browsing experience should purchase an iPhone. Iris is not Safari. Iris sucks. Safari just works.

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