Truphone Tru Saver offers best prices for mobile calls

We have just had an email press release sent into us and we believe this may be of some interest to you; this news really goes out to those in either United States or Canada.

Bundled Offer at Only 1.5 Cents Per Minute, $14.99 Per Month For 1,000 Anytime Minutes.

Truphone, the innovative, next-generation global mobile service provider, is disrupting the mobile long-distance market in North America with a new bundle-of-minutes offer called “Tru Saver” that gives mobile users some of the best prices ever for their calls throughout the United States and Canada.

Truphone offers users of mobile devices low, fixed pricing for international calls because it takes advantage of available Wi-Fi networks and the Internet to carry the calls. Truphone also eliminates the uncertainty of expensive roaming charges altogether, so people who call using Truphone know what they’re truly getting for what they’re paying.

Tru Saver, available now at http://www.truphone.com, offers callers within the U.S. and Canada or to the U.S. and Canada from anywhere else in the world, a price of 1.5 cents per minute, and up to 1,000 minutes a month for a flat rate of only $14.99.

“Our new Tru Saver bundle puts pressure on big mobile carriers to change their outlandishly expensive pricing models,” said Tom Carter, President of Truphone’s operations in the Americas. “We’re bringing a world of change to the market. Just as alternative providers revolutionized pricing in wire-line long-distance calling, Truphone is revolutionizing international calling for mobile phone users because we carry the calls over available Wi-Fi networks and the Internet. And roaming charges are out entirely! In short, Truphone is bringing the first step of equal access to the mobile phone. For consumers and business users, this means savings and cost control that they never saw before”. This is a first step in a multi pronged strategy that Truphone is implementing to give choice and cost savings to mobile subscribers.

“Whether they’re calling back to the U.S. and Canada from business trips or from foreign holidays, Tru Saver calls can be made at the same 1.5 cents per minute from anywhere in the world,” Carter added.

Available today for users of iPhones or Nokia smart phones, Tru Saver means they needn’t worry about blowing their GSM minutes bundles and ending up with sky-high bills. Customers can use the Tru Saver bundle to set their total mobile telephony bills at a manageable and predictable level above the cost of their basic GSM contracts rather than run the risk of much higher totals if they exceed their bundled GSM minutes.

Carter added that mobile users who are away from their home service areas can always make calls via Truphone’s open, easy-to-use application that connects devices to the Internet.

“Since Truphone uses both Wi-Fi and GSM networks based on whichever are available, many users will actually reduce their carrier billed mobile minutes while increasing the total amount of minutes they actually spend talking thanks to Truphone’s lower rates for calls that terminate on a Wi-Fi connected Truphone mobile phone.

Truphone continues to innovate in the mobile market and brings savings for voice and data plans to subscribers worldwide.

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