Apple iPhone 3G getting real-time VoIP

We have has other iPhone VoIP applications like that of Fring and of course Jajah but many of these need jailbreaking or indeed at a great expense, so we need real-time VOIP.

Well thanks to Global IP Solutions they are releasing an SDK which will allow iPhone Application Developers integrate real-time VoIP, this basically means in a nutshell that all iPhone users may sooner than they think be able to make phone calls without using your very own mobile phone minutes.

Global IP Solutions said yesterday that a new software developer’s kit will enable voice over IP on Apple’s handset. Developers will be able to use something called VoiceEngine Mobile and with this they will be able to build standalone VoIP applications for Apple’s App Store and of course integrate real-time VoIP communication into iPhone chats, social networking, games and so much more.

Having real-time VoIP would now of course be fantastic seeing as the iPhone has 3G, the higher-speed network will help immensely to make VoIP calls, SORRY to bust the bubble because this is not in fact true because VoiceEngine Mobile will only work on Wi-Fi hotspots. The reason for this is because of the agreement with Apple and U.S. carrier AT&T, basically removing applications that could indeed violate the operator’s terms of service. So I even more to the point means that VoIP calls through a 3G network may possible chump through AT&T’s voice revenue.

How come you get the bloody good news then all of a sudden there is a blow to the head, VoIP coming to iPhone 3G but pointless because it uses Wi-Fi.


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