Apple Vs RIM: iPhone 3G and BlackBerry Battle

For some time now Research In Motion’s BlackBerry mobile phones have dominated the enterprise market, but there seems to have been a shift in that market since the launch of the Apple iPhone 3G.

Apple draw up the battle plans when they first launched the iPhone because they were now able to communicate with their clients easier, and with the release of the Apple iPhone 3G it has become even easier.

Several businessmen who were ardent BlackBerry uses became turncoats and stood in line for the new next generation iPhone, and when asked why they wanted the new 3G device they simply help up their RIM BlackBerry and stated that “it is damn ugly”

Apparently though it seems quite a few business people are of the same opinion and agree that the BlackBerry’s are not to pretty a mobile phone. They also state they find the Apple iPhone 3G easier for them to communicate with their client base.

One thing is for sure, Apple is not stupid, they are well aware the iPhone 3G is drawing people from the BlackBerry, and that it is aimed at the BlackBerry business customer.

Will we see Research In Motion fight back in style? Redesign the BlackBerry perhaps? Who knows?

Source — FT via product-reviews

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