T-Mobile to offer pre-sale HTC Dream G1?

Following on from my previous post on the Android OS based HTC Dream (see here), apparently T-Mobile is making ready to bring their customers the HTC Dream as of September 17th via pre-sale channels.

This pre-sale window actually sits quite nicely with the scheduled HTC Dream’s rumoured launch.

We are also hearing that the HTC Dream had a new title with talks of it being known as the “G1”, not sure if this is completely true, but there is also speculation that T-Mobile maybe pushing the “G1” as their 3G Android handset.

Word on the net waves is T-Mobile will be pushing out the “G1” on pre-sale at $150.00 a tad less that the Apple iPhone 3G at $199.00, so it can be imagined just what this $150.00 pricing tag will do for the G1…same as the G3 perhaps?

Anyway, seems the battle lines are drawn up between Apple and RIM, and now just maybe T-Mobile will enter the mobile 3G war from the flanks with the HTC G1.

Source — tmonews via intomobile


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