Does your BlackBerry really need MyCaption Application?

A pretty cool and relatively new application called MyCaption, which is a member of the BlackBerry Alliance, seems to be pretty good.

This new application is a brand new way where all you Blackberry users can work with emails on your devices, voice technology on mobile phones has been around for ages so nothing new here, but the MyCaption application is one of the first that allows you to use it for more than just simple sentences.

MyCaption is pretty good in the way of composing, forwarding and replying to emails and by speaking into your BlackBerry smartphone this is pretty smart indeed. You will have options such as previewing the text messages before actually sending them to the recipient, the application also works with multiple email accounts.

At the moment MyCaption is available for download on a free trial basis, this free trial will allow you to send 10 messages for free, after the trial time you can choose options of paying $1 for each message or you can indeed pay $10 per month which then you can send unlimited messages of 15 seconds in length, or fewer. Just so you know if you do go on the monthly plan you still have to pay $.50 per message for messages that are longer than 15 seconds. The longest message the application can process is 3 minutes.

Main Features Stated on the MyCaption Site:

No More Thumbs
Unlock your email potential with the first-ever service that lets you speak up to 3-minute long messages instead of type them.

Speak Your Mind
Say goodbye to incomplete thoughts, abbreviations, and typos. And never wait to find the time to type; if you can say it, you can send it.

Approved for Business
Transcription is fully integrated into your mobile Blackberry email. And we don’t store your messages unless you want us to.

Seriously Fun

There is no manual required, so you can start using MyCaption to make your life easier — whether work or play — within minutes.

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