Google upsets Android developers

We all know and love Google, in many of our eyes Google can do no wrong, But Goggles controversial Android mobile platform venture threatens to damage their reputation, and could affect some of the people it needs the most, according to Computerworld.

As Google gets ready for its mobile OS for public release, the behaviour of Google could damage some of its relationships with some Android developers, they seem to be restricting access to key development tools and allegedly treading on open source principles, which have let some Android developers disappointed.

It’s suggested on an Android blog site that almost 2,000 developers are upset by googles actions and are threatening to move over and work on other mobile platforms, according to Computerworld.

An independent technology analyst, Jack Gold, said that he thinks that Google are contradicting their goal, by creating an open mobile platform, then keeping control over the quality of Android applications.

Experts think that if Google continue to upset developers, and with the Apple iPhone 3G reaching record sales and headlines, and the fact that Symbian is going open source, it really isn’t the best time for them to get on the wrong side of the Android developers, it’s said that if Google are not careful they could damage the Android mobile platform release, as it is still months away.

Source: macdailynews via infoworld

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