BT wins tribunal against mobile termination rates: Owed millions

The Competition Tribunal ruled last Friday that mobile companies owe BT millions for BT customers who have called mobile phones via their landlines. This ruling covers an ongoing row between BT and mobile operators along with a disagreement with 3 and O2 when operator’s tires to increase termination rates back in 2006.

The competition appeals tribunal has ruled that prices should have been lower and therefore repayments must be made.

BT Retail’s director of strategy, Jeff Richardson, says: “BT is very pleased with the competition appeals tribunal result and sees it as an important step on the route to lower and fairer termination mobile rates. The judgment made by CAT only looked into a short period of time two years ago, but it sets a significant president for the mobile termination rates that are due to be ruled on later this year.”

BT claim customers are being charged to the tune of an extra £1 billion a year. Ofcom cut termination rates by 10-20 percent last year of the four biggest networks while 3 saw a 45 percent cut.

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