Apple iPhone now supported by Artificial Lifes MobileBooster

Leading provider of mobile 3G broadband technology, games, business apps and participation TV, Artificial Life has announced their mobile development tool MobileBooster for the Apple iPhone and Apple iPod Touch.

Quote from press release: “A new extension module for MobileBooster enables support of iPhone and iPod touch embedded applications. MobileBooster maintains snapshot builds along with change logs for effortless release management during the development and testing phases. Clients and partners are provided restricted remote access to the automatically generated release site. Ad hoc build distribution profiles allow clients to review application and game builds as well as leave comments and feedback. The feedback is immediately available and can be labelled as feature or change requests with customisable priority tags.”

MobileBooster is in essence a development platform and tool which aids the roll-out process, and thus simplify the development of Apple iPhone applications; promoting a standardised approach to limit errors whilst increasing efficiency.

There you go, yet another new toy for iPhone developers.

Source — artificial-life via intomobile

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