Rock The Vote brings youth into political process via mobile

Everyone wants to get in on the world of mobile content, and that also includes the area of the political process, and to this end Rock The Vote, FunMobility and AT&T have announced their launch of downloadable content for mobile phones

This downloadable content is to “help encourage young people to leverage their voting power in the political process.”

Apparently Rock The Vote’s mobile campaign aims to bring together artists, mobile technologies and popular music.

FunMobility, America’s largest mobile content community is known to own the larges inventory of free downloads which include ringtones and wallpapers.

FunMobility has created a strong catalogue of Rock The Vote mobile content which is available to download via the FunMobility FunScreenz app within AT&T Media Mail or you can download the content from rockthevote.funmo.com.

New content will be added to the storefront all the way through the election on 4th November.
One way to get the youth of today interested in politics I suppose.

Source — Rock The Vote via intomobile


One thought on “Rock The Vote brings youth into political process via mobile”

  1. Hi! I was reading through your blog and since one of your subjects dealt with politics and the power of the youth vote, you might be interested to view or maybe even post this video on your blog.

    As it is, more and more of America’s youths are becoming apathetic to the whole election process so hopefully, a video like this might rile them up and tell them to make a stand for their own future. After all, to paraphrase the saying, the future is what they make of it.

    You can check out the video on this site: http://www.mobilizethevote2008.com/ as well as on YouTube through this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4kg514DcTA



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