Solar power tie phone charger created by researchers?

The world moves ever forward with the use of solar power; the world of the mobile phone continually moves forward. So how about an everyday piece of clothing that can carry and charge your mobile phone?

A team of researchers at Iowa State University have come up with a tie that incorporates solar panels by using digital textile printing to print fabric which matches the pattern of the solar cells.

Apparently attaching these solar cells to the material cause its own problems until they used a “liquid stitch” method, however the addition of solar cells to the tie does making tying the known more difficult.

The researchers do happen to mention in their paper though that this small problem can easily be solved by the use of a clip-on tie rather than a standard one.

On the rear of the tie there is also a handy pouch for carrying your mobile phone, which I presume is how it gets charged.

Source — JTATM via Engadget


2 thoughts on “Solar power tie phone charger created by researchers?”

  1. Unfortunately not as many men wear ties on a regular basis as in the ‘old days’.

    However, this could be very adaptable for when the person (male and female) are at home or at the office and want to charge their mobile phone.

    Rather than plugging in their mobil phone charger into an outlet in the wall, they could use this technology to recharge / keep fully charged the phone by placing the solar cells to receive the direct sun light, even through windows.

    That way everyone can use renewable energy to keep their phone fully charged and reduce their consumption of non-renewable resources.



  2. I’m not sure about this – people can be very choosy about their ties and the designs dont exactly look inspiring – all black. Also the extra weight must be an nuisance. That said solar panels in other items of clothing might work – I’ve seen a jacket with them sewn into the back – more area and less obtrusive.

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