Apple iPhone 3G 2.0.2 makes things worse apparently

iPhoner’s were joyfully expecting the Apple iPhone 2.0.2 update would solve all the connection problems many Apple iPhone 3G owners have been reporting, you know, the dropping calls and hitching onto EDGE along with general 3G connection strength.

The problem now emerging is there appear to be a few iPhoner’s out there who have upgraded to 2.0.2 and are reporting even worse connections than before.
Also being reports is the addition of cropping up of broken 3rd-party application.

According to one disillusioned iPhone poster: “I use to get 1-3 bars of 3g service in my house and now I can’t make a call… I have to switch off the 3G to get any bars Things are going the wrong way!”

Another discussions poster says: “Yes I have about 15 Apps loaded and now only 8-10 work with the new 2.0.2 software.”

The thing is fixes are supposed to fix not fail, just what do Apple think they are playing at, and they should at least make sure a new upgrade doesn’t actually make things worse!

Source — iphoneatlas via mobilitysite and engadget

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