Prices clashed in half for calling by Asda Mobile

So who gives the cheapest flat rate mobile rates per minute in the UK? Well it appears that Asda Mobile is because they have just cut their previous 16p per minute rate in half to 8p per minute.

Asda Mobile is also to cut the price of texting as of the 1st September down to 4p per text which was previously 10p for the first three texts of the day and 5p for texts thereafter, which puts them at the top of the league for mobile rates.

Asda Mobile claims this move could save customers “at least £53 per year” based on Ofcom’s claim in a report that the average UK mobile phone user spends approximately £17.59 per month.

Head of Asda Mobile, Ted Cadogan, said: “I do believe that prepay customers have historically been treated as second-class citizens and now they are getting better rates than most contract customers.”

Source — mobiletoday

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