Carphone Warehouse sells white iPhone 3G as of today

This one is for all you UK iPhoner’s out there who have been holding off getting the new Apple iPhone 3G in favour of the white version.

Carphone Warehouse, as from today will be selling the sexy white Apple iPhone 3G for the first time.

Up until today if customers wanted the white version of the iPhone 3G they needed to visit an Apple store, but now that is all changing.

The Carphone Warehouse is still most keen to push the iPhone 3G on the O2 network and so will be stoking this white version 16GB iPhone 3G and offering it to the public at the same tariff as the black iPhone 3G.

Which should mean iPhoner’s will be able to acquire the white iPhone 3G for free on a contract at £75.00 per month.

The only question now is how long will stoke of the white version last?

Source — pocket-lint

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