Crowds await Apple iPhone 3G in Delhi India

The Apple iPhone 3G went on sale in the Gurgaon mall in Delhi India on Thursday to a reception of crowds lining up to grab hold of Apple’s latest iconic handset.

A college student names Swati was the first owner of an Apple iPhone 3G at the Gurgaon Sahara Mall, and the first Apple iPhone 3G handset was handed to Swati by Sanjay Kapoor, the president of Bhartu Mobile Services.

The Apple iPhone 3G is being dished out on a first come first served basis and is being sold by Bharti Airtel and Vodafone for a price of Rs 31,000 for the 8GB while the 16GB costs Rs 36,100.

The Vodafone outlet in Delhi’s Connaught Place only had five people waiting to get hold of the Apple iPhone 3G, one of which was 14 year old. Rudra Khurana, who purchased the 16BG version.

Clutching his phone, Rudra, remarked: “This is the coolest and best. The best thing is that new features are added to it, and it also has a 16 GB iPod,”

Source — ibnlive via macdailynews

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