Mobile games marketing could snag you $10,000 in Tokyo

The world of mobile gaming is set for a massive growth and as such should come as no surprise that many of the top names in mobile phone manufacturing want to grab some of the mobile gaming action as it is becoming more and more a lucrative market.

Juniper Research says the mobile gaming market will reach $10 billion within a year. This means the top dogs of the mobile industry will want a huge bite of that $10 billion.

The growth in mobile gaming is all about the marketing just like this one showing a half-body statue from Shibuya, Tokyo’s main shopping area and where online games company NHN Japan is promoting their mobile game website hange.jp

The promotion has people who go up to the statue and touch its arm with their mobile phone, the application site then automatically opens and results in a lucky winner being rewarded with $10,000.

Good marketing? Let’s see…if all you had to do was touch you mobile phone to a statue’s arm for a chance to win $10,000 wouldn’t you be doing it on a regular basis?

Source — textually.org via intomobile

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