3 rounds up calls to a minute and charge for paper bills

Ok all you 3 customers out there in mobile phone land, get prepared to see your phone bills rise as 3 stop charge for calls by the second and start rounding up to a full minute.

Another hit to the customer’s pocket is the introduction by 3 of a £4.00 monthly surcharge on customers who do not wish for whatever reason to pay their bill via direct debit.

Another hit comes with 3 charging £1.00 per month for those customers who want an itemised paper bill rather than a net based version from the My3 portal.

3 will initiate all these new charges on the 23rd of September.

A 3 spokesperson stated: “Every business looks at its cost base and how best it can balance the need to fund its operations and serve its customers.”

While on the subject of paper bill charging they replied: “Half of our customers already use [electronic bills] and use it regularly to get an up-to-the-minute view of their spending. With very little promotion from ourselves, hundreds of thousands of our customers have already selected e-bills as a matter of preference.”

Source — mobiletoday

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