Googles Android has no GTalk and hampered Bluetooth?

With the HTC Dream almost upon us one would expect the Android developers to have had everything in readiness, but word coming out is that the Android developers are admitting that Google’s mobile phone platform doesn’t support Google’s own instant messenger service.

Just why they have neglected to include Gtalk isn’t apparent; one would have thought that Google would have seen to it that their own IM service was definitely included. Also it appears that Bluetooth will also be severely hampered.

However, it shouldn’t come as that great a surprise really as version 0.9 of the SDK which was launched last week also omitted Gtalk.

The word on the Android Developers Blog is a confirmation that version 1.0 will also be lacking Gtalk, and provides a reason why.

Apparently Google’s GTalk service was scrapped due to security reasons along with issues concerning temporary contacts gaining genuine identity info and thus these issues surmounted to more that the dev team could manage in the allotted time.

Still, a Google based mobile phone not carrying GTalk does sound a bit lacking if you ask me.

Source — The Register

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