Orange deceives customers again now with 3G speed limiting

It appears that Orange are being somewhat naughty as according to France Info, Orange has been artificially limiting data speed to a fraction of the 3G potential on the Apple iPhone 3G.

The report by France Info states that iPhone data speeds have been arbitrarily limited to 384kbps.

If this report is true it goes a long way to explaining why users have been experiencing low data rates in the Apple iPhone 3G and other general HSDPA capable handsets.

Apparently the France Info story says Orange will be increasing the maximum speed to 1bps as of the 15th September and that Apple iPhone 3G users will not need to do anything to gain the extra speed.

Well, increasing to 1Mbps as of the 15th September is all well and good but why limit it to 384kbps in the first place? Seems like Orange are not beyond deceiving their customers, as we have already seen in India Poland (my apologies for getting it wrong) with the fake launch lines- (see here)

Come on Orange, get your act together and respect your customers, don’t deceive them.

Source — itwire via macdailynews


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