Peek the easy to use email gadget on T-Mobile

With a slogan like “not for hardcore techies” on the box the new Peek email device has its audience at the ready, as it really is just a device strictly for sending and receiving emails, and that’s it, no fancy extra’s so if you are one of those people who have a mobile and really only know how to push answer then if you wanted to start receiving emails on the move then maybe the Peek is the device for you?

If you have had the chance to play with the Peek you will notice that it takes a little longer to open up a new message window than the blackberry which is known as the master of email on the move, but the user interface is fantastically simple, you will find sending messages a breeze if you not really technically savvy.

As for the look of the Peek well according to Peek CEO Amol Sarva the Peek is 30 percent thinner than the iPhone, so can easily slip into your pocket or handbag. We give it 10 out of 10 for feel-appeal with its spacious rubber keyboard.

So if you want to go and get one of these nifty email gadgets what is it going to cost you? Well for £99 you will get the Peek which supports POP and IMAP accounts and most other accounts to including Gmail and Yahoo. The downside of the Peek is that it doesn’t support Office Documents such as excel or Word, bet hey if you have only just got your head round answer and reject then I don’t think this will matter to you, it does support images though, so all good there.

T-mobile provides the data connectivity for the Peek priced at $19.95 per month and without a contract. You can pick up your Peek from Target store starting September 15 in 3 great colours Cherry, black or Aqua. If you can wait until September 15, then if you go online at GetPeek.com next week and get you’re Peek there.

Source: laptopmag

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