Whisper of CDMA version of the Palm Treo Pro

There have been lots of rumours flying around about the Palm Treo Pro, and here is another one to add to the list, it’s been reported by Cens.com who are a Taiwanese economic news site that fellow ODM partner HTC is working on a CDMA version of the Treo Pro for Sprint and/or Verizon.

Not only this but Palm is planning to launch a CDMA (which is an abbreviation for code division multiple access) version of Treo Pro series phone in the future for CDMA telecom service providers, like Sprint, Verizon and Wireless. HTC will supply the phone.

As we have been sniffing around websites trying to get the latest scoop on the Palm Treo Pro, we came across another piece of information, we read that Verizon has cancelled their planned roll out of their Treo 800w. The rumours have been somewhat cloudy some saying that they are awaiting the Treo Pro and others saying that it could not pass carrier testing.

But as “Rumour” seems to be the key word in this article we can only wait and see what happens, it seems that everyone is excited about a possible CDMA version of the Palm Treo Pro so we suggest if they are not already working on it then they should pronto.

Source: wmexperts

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