iPhone Developers continue to be gagged by Apple

As we know, the Apple iPhone 3G SDK binds iPhone developers not to discuss the process for creating programs for the Apple iPhone; these legal restrictions are usually lifted once the product launches, and that is where Apple is different, and apparently won’t say why.

Which results in the developers and businesses that cater for Apple virtually under a gag order, and they say they are prohibited from answering tech questions or sharing tips in public.

Apparently conference organisers are working on how to plan sessions of iPhone software developers when they can’t speak about the Apple iPhone software, and book publishers are holding on how to magazines in fear they may get sued by Apple.

A developer for Banterability, Jeffrey Long, who is working on a satellite radio program for the iPhone says: “We can’t talk about our problems. At the same time, we can’t talk about the problems we’ve fixed.”

Isn’t it about time Apple dropped all this cloak and dagger rubbish and let the developers do what they do without hindrance, once their job is done and out there what difference does it make?

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One thought on “iPhone Developers continue to be gagged by Apple”

  1. Matt says:

    It is pretty ridiculous and I’m actually not buying one until they lift this on moral grounds. My guess is that they still consider it beta even after release and want to fix all the security issues ahead of time.

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