Mobile phones break into education: Great way to learn

The use of mobile phones at schools has always been frowned upon and often banned, especially here in the UK, but it appears they are of a different opinion over in some parts of the United States.

It seems over there educators have begun changing their views on mobile phones as Abilene Christian University is to hand out Apple iPhone 3G handsets to two-thirds of this year’s entering class of 950 freshmen.

These students will be expected to utilise the Apple iPhone 3G to brainstorm ideas and get virtual handouts along with podcast while in class.

Co-director of mobile learning research at the school, which is in Abilene, Texas, William Rankin, says: “This is a new platform for learning, in the same way a laptop or a desktop was a new platform.”

Apparently other schools across America have also come to the same conclusion that the mobile phones can be a great learning tool.

One wonders just how long it will be before the UK follows this example.

Full article at businessweek

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