Leaked Release Dates: BlackBerry Bold, Storm, Pearl Flip, Touch Pro

We have some pretty cool news on release dates for the Verizon Blitz, Sprint HTC Touch Pro, Samsung M540 Rant, AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9000, T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl Flip and the awesome Verizon BlackBerry Storm.

Someone has let the cat out of the bag at Best Buy with a leaked presentation of new mobile phones and shipping dates.

Here we go, are you ready for the dates, Verizon Blitz, October 26th – Sprint HTC Touch Pro, October 26th – Samsung M540 Rant, October 26th – AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9000, October 26th – T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl Flip, October 26th and Verizon BlackBerry Storm, November 16th. Good to know we will get them before Christmas.

Source – BGR