Will Nokia or HTC storm in and take the BlackBerry glory?

If the rumour that the BlackBerry Storm is being announced in London in less than 24 hours is true then we can get ready for the long anticipated race to begin – should Apple now wipe the sweat from its brow in anticipation of what lies ahead with the RIM v Apple, BlackBerry v iPhone race in the smartphone market, who indeed will be biting more chunks out of the global smartphone market as we run up to the holiday period.

Will Research in Motion (NASDAQ:RIMM) see glory and soaring share prices or will Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) hold its ground as number one smartphone? Or will outsiders Nokia (NYSE:NOK) with its 5800 XpressMusic and HTC Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) G1 android phone storm in and take the BlackBerry glory.

Reports say that RIM will ship 850,000 BlackBerry Storms during RIM’s fiscal third and fourth quarters, and they expect to shop an additional three or four million with the first year of sales, as they all go head to head we will bring you breaking news all the way. Let the race begin.

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One thought on “Will Nokia or HTC storm in and take the BlackBerry glory?”

  1. I find this article is a bit limited in the alternatives refleected up against the iPhone.

    HTC for example has several devices well suited against the iPhone. The Diamond, Diamond Pro, and Touch HD are also expected to have huge sales, and HTC is actually expecting the G1 to have a relatively small sales figure (> 250,000) most likely since it’s only being offered on T-Mobile. With a breadth of excellent smartphones & Touch phones to choose from on the other big 3 carriers, the G1 may not be enough of a game changer to have people switch over to T-Mobile (some likely will), but not like we saw with folks switching to AT&T for the iPhone.


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