Samsung i900L is an Omnia but not for USA

The FCC has approved the Samsung i900L, which is of course the Samsung Omnia, but not the Samsung Omnia version that is to hit North America. No, the 3G UMTS 850/1900 MHz Samsung i900L is destined for South America.

Many had presumed that the Samsung i900L was the Samsung Omnia heading for AT&T, but it turns out they are wrong. Yes it definitely is an Omnia, but is on its way south.

Actually, Samsung’s Venezuela site officially showcases the Samsung i900L on its products page along with images and specs, and no doubt other South American countries are lined up as well.

Further updates state that the Samsung i900L supports UMTS 2100 rather than 850/1900.

Source — phonearena


One thought on “Samsung i900L is an Omnia but not for USA”

  1. José says:


    The models are introduced according to market demands. For insteance the japanese market is more eager for photographic abilities than the european market, I suppose.
    There’s also the buying power of the market.
    However this is something that is not so obvious as it was 10 years ago, namely because of the much lower price tags.
    As for the Omnia, it’s also available here in Portugal, but I don’t know about specs.

    Kind regards,