iPhone Storm Bold Diamond Pearl which is best in Britain?

As we all know the Apple iPhone 3G is probably the best thing since sliced bread in the mobile arena. The Apple iPhone 3G has won accolade after accolade in 2008, such as Gadget of the Year, Most Stylish Technology and Technological Innovation of the Year at the British Technology Awards, and Best Mobile Technology.

So one can assume that the Apple iPhone 3G is considered the best mobile phone in Britain, and that others like the Google Android T-Mobile G1, the HTC Touch Diamond and Touch HD, The BlackBerry Storm, Bold Pearl Flip, just can’t compete right?

So I’m wondering just how many people out there would class the Apple iPhone 3G as the number one mobile handset in the UK. If you disagree that the Apple iPhone deserves this top position let us know. If you feel the iPhone has been lauded too much and think there’s something better out or coming say so below in out comments box.

I look forward to seeing your views.

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2 thoughts on “iPhone Storm Bold Diamond Pearl which is best in Britain?”

  1. iJah420 says:

    iJah420 says iPhone is only going to get better.

    I hate to nit pick but iPhone is NOT a

    “mobile handset”

    iPhone is a hand held computer with a very robust OS that is tightly integrated with a world class desktop OS which in turn makes the iPhone THE BEST “PLATFORM” in the telco space due in large part to iPhone SDK and the App Store.

    The others were arrogant and cocky prior to iPhone debut. Now look @ em’ caught flat footed. They will offer the world half baked solutions to customers who are dumb enough to buy into the likes of the crackberry and the all mighty Android G1… GOOD LUCK WITH THAT>>>> your going need LOTS of tech support…….. Look @ the state of RIM. Do a google seach on Blackberry delays….

    RIM is NO AAPL….. NO CHANCE! mark my words RIM will be on the auction block in a few short years… Why? because there hardware and software are very fractured with the desktop.

    Android will remain in a Linux state for years to come.

    In closing this new Storm from RIM… looks like a pretty kewl gadget but for the life of me can not understand why they did not include WiFi. :/ Just dumb.

    iJah420 out

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