Apple dismisses Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash on iPhone: Hello Google

Microsoft announced its Silverlight not so long ago but Apple still say “NO” they will not install the Silverlight or Adobe Flash on its iPhones.

Seeing as Apple has said no to Microsoft Silverlight or Adobe Flash it seems that considering the all new open source nature of Google’s mobile Android operating system we may see the two mentioned above on the T-Mobile G1 phone, could we really see Silverlight on the Android-Powered phone, a good possibility for Microsoft we think.

What we do know is according to the source below, Microsoft are definitely interested in seeing Silverlight on the iPhone, the only downside is Apple controls what software will run on the iPhone.

We know that Google’s Android will be very popular indeed and being opened-sourced they will be up for running third-party vendors to build upon the OS, and third-party apps like Silverlight and Flash will surely be welcome for the G1 phone. The latest news we have heard is that the Android mobile browser is basically based on the Google’s Chrome desktop browser, Flash is already running on Chrome, so the door is open.



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