Elections: presidential candidates symbolic equals

If Sarah Palin was a piece of technology what would she be an innovative iPhone? the cutting edge BlackBerry Storm or a child’s toy phone? Well, if you want to check out what the guys over at ‘the snarky website Fark’ think as they have created a series of illustrations that compares the presidential candidates to one another through their perceived symbolic equals, and after a look at the illustrations I can see where they are coming from.

Presidential campaigns have used internet culture before, Barack Obama had a rapper will.i.am create a video called ‘Yes We Can’ on the YouTube as wells Obama campaign releasing iPhone app to keep supporters in the loop.

If we look closely at the illustrations you can see that the symbols depict Sarah Palin as ditzy, John McCain as Old, Joe Biden as wise and Barack Obama as cutting edge.

What symbol do you think depicts each presidential candidate? Share it with us and make us smile.

Source: blogwired