Amazing: iPhone 3G Vs T-mobile G1 Speed Test Video

Now this is pretty cool what CNET have done, we would have done something similar if we had our hands on the T-Mobile G1.

The video below is an iPhone 3G Vs T-mobile G1 speed test, basically both phones are put on the table and both phones will open CNET’s website using each phones browser. Obviously the Apple iPhone 3G uses Safari browser and the T-mobile G1 uses Google’s own browser.

Now obviously dependant on where you are in the world the times would fluctuate, but in this case the two phones are sitting side by side getting the same 3G coverage, this means it is a pretty fair test. The video shown below shows a very good result, the iPhone 3G opens the website up fully in 30 seconds, whereas the T-mobile G1 does the same thing in only a mere 22 seconds, that means the G1 is an astonishing 8 seconds faster than Apple’s smartphone.

Please watch the video below and let us know what you think.


4 thoughts on “Amazing: iPhone 3G Vs T-mobile G1 Speed Test Video”

  1. Roger says:

    The speed difference between the two phones means nothing. I was told by the Genius Bar at my local apple store that two iphones could be sitting next to each other and could be connecting to the network differently. One phone may be connected to one tower while the other phone may be connected to another. Due to this, the strength of the signal may be different and will effect the speed. These side by side comparisons would mean more if you actually knew they were connecting to the same tower.

  2. Rob says:

    And how exactly would they be connected to the same tower? The whole point is you must decide which carrier AND phone to use according to the performance of the assocated network. BTW the “genius” bar is a very poor excuse for customer support. I have not gotten an issue resolved there once. I’ve always gotten my issue resolved by calling apple care.

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